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Live Chat

Chat with your customers live and help them find what they're looking for.


Use Automation rules to route conversations, update ticket status and more.

Pre chat questions

Ask relevant questions to your customers so that the agents have the necessary information.

Post chat questions

Ask for feedback about the service and other questions at the end of the chat.

Proactive Engagement

Send proactive messages to the customers based on the page they are on etc.

Canned Responses

Save time and send predefined replies for common questions with just one click.

Full history of chat

Full history of chat is kept so that you can run analytics as far back as you want.

Slack Integration

Integrate with Slack and reply to the chat messages from slack itself.

Twitter Integration

Reply to tweets from neetoChat itself without missing any tweets.

Mobile App

With iOS and Android apps you can chat with your customers anytime anywhere.

Custom Reporting

Measure your team's performance by using reporting tool.

Knowledge Base articles

Write relevant help articles in Knowledge Base to cut down incoming tickets.

Customize chat widget

Customize the style of your chat widget to match your brand.

Quick Customer Info

What page the customer was on and which country is the customer is from.

Deep Shopify Integration

Use Shopify app to help customers with order related queries and more.

Rich Messages

Send emojis, videos and audio files to your customers to have an engaging conversation.

Chat Transcript

Customer can download chat transcript at any time.

Credit Card Masking

if customer enters a credit card number the agents can only see the last 4 digits of it.

Roles and Permissions

Build custom roles and permissions to match your workflow.


Tags ticket to apply automation rule, to filter and to better manage tickets.

Keyboard shortcuts

Quickly execute commands by using keyboard shortcuts.

Online Offline status

Agents can change their status to be online or offline.

Mobile push notifications

Notify relevant agents on their mobile of certain activities like a ticket being assigned to them.

Web push notifications

Web push notifications will alert customers about the updates if they switch their tabs.

Ticket Routing

Route ticket to the right team or person based on the attributes of the ticket.

End to End Encryption

Each connection to neetoChat is encrypted with SSL for both the agents and the customers.

Google Sign In

Force all your agents to login using google login and make your organization more secure.

Verify OTP every time

Security is furthered strengthened by asking agents to enter OTP every time they login.

Making it easier to connect

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