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Booking Page

Easily share a booking page with anyone. They can book a meeting with you based on your availability.

Schedule Meeting

Book a slot that aligns with your availability from the booking page, and automatically schedule the meeting for that date and time.

Create Meeting

One to One or team based meetings can be created with ease. Round robin algorithm makes sure that the members are auto assigned to a booking based on their individual availabilities.


Auto create meeting room link in Zoom, Google Meeting, etc by just integrating your account.

Email Based Notifications

Details regarding bookings, ability to reschedule/cancel meetings etc will be a click away in your inbox.

Meeting buffer

Add padding before and after meetings to allow some buffer time.

Cancellation and Rescheduling

Customize who can cancel or reschedule meetings. You can also configure the cutoff time after which cancellation or rescheduling is not allowed.

Custom availabilities

Set your working hours, weekend availabilities, etc and apply them as you need when creating a meeting.

Custom question

Before one can book a meeting ask questions that is relevant. You can configure what kind of questions to ask.

Match your brand

Upload logo and change color to match your brand.

Embed the booking page

You can embed the booking page in your website and other places to allow your clients to book a meeting with you.

Meeting reminders

Configure meeting reminders to reduce no-shows.

Auto detect timezone

neetoCal automatically detects timezone of everyone and converts the time to match the timezone of the person.

Integration with Google Calendar

neetoCal integrates nicely with Google calendar. If google calendar has pre scheduled meetings then those time slots won't be available to the clients.

Google Sign In

Force all your team members or the candidates to login using google login and make your organization more secure.

Mobile App

With iOS and Android apps, you can see and join all your meetings from anywhere.

Verify OTP every time

Security is further strengthened by asking all users to enter OTP every time they login.

Making it easier to connect

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