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Custom Ticket fields

Create custom ticket fields to match your workflow.

Custom views

Custom dashboard views for quicker access to tickets.


Run automation rules based on time or event.

Canned responses

Answer common questions quickly and in a consistent manner using canned responses.

Agent Collision detection

Ensure that two agents don't end up working on the same ticket my mistake.

Satisfaction Ratings

Let customers rate their support experience when a ticket is resolved.

Private Notes

Record notes about the customer for future references and to serve the customer better.

Twitter integration

Reply to tweets from neetoDesk itself.

Keyboard shortcuts

Quickly execute commands by using keyboard shortcuts.


Tag tickets with keywords and then filter them and execute automation rules using them.

Auto BCC

Automatically bcc all outgoing emails to monitor the quality of the replies by your agents.

Ticket Activity Log

Track every detail of what happened to a ticket.

Ticket Routing

Route ticket to the right team or person based on the attributes of the ticket.

Mobile App

With iOS and Android apps you can reply to the questions from anywhere at anytime.

Knowledge Base articles

Write relevant help articles in Knowledge Base to cut down incoming tickets.

Roles and Permissions

Build custom roles and permissions to match your workflow.

End to End Encryption

Each connection to neetoDesk is encrypted with SSL for both the agents and the customers.

Google Sign In

Force all your agents to login using google login and make your organization more secure.

Verify OTP every time

Security is furthered strengthened by asking agents to enter OTP every time they login.

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