Redirect On Completion

Through Redirect On Completion feature, you can choose where to send users after they submit the form. This can be a landing page, a product page, or even a thank you page that reinforces your message and provides additional resources. But it's not just about sending users to a new page. It's a chance to personalize the user experience, reinforce your message, and drive conversions that can lead to long-term loyalty and engagement.

Redirect On Completion

Can I use the Redirect On Completion feature to increase engagement?

Yes, by redirecting users to a thank you page or a page with additional resources, you can increase engagement and keep users on your website longer.

Why is Redirect On Completion feature useful?

The Redirect On Completion feature is useful because it clearly confirms to users that their form submission was successful. Additionally, it allows you to customize the user experience by redirecting users to a specific web page or URL, such as a thank you page or a page that provides additional information.

Can I use Redirect On Completion feature to drive conversions?

Yes, the Redirect On Completion feature can be a powerful tool for driving conversions. By redirecting users to a landing page or product page, you can encourage them to take the next step in the customer journey.

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