Google Sign In

This feature allows you to sign in to your NeetoForm account using your Google credentials. Google sign in feature offers several benefits to the users of NeetoForm. First, it eliminates the need to create a separate account and password for NeetoForm, making the login process faster and more convenient. Second, it provides an additional layer of security by allowing users to sign in using their Google credentials, which are often more secure than standard passwords.

Google Sign In

Can I link multiple Google accounts to my NeetoForm account?

No, you can only link one Google account to your NeetoForm account at a time.

What information does NeetoForm have access to when I sign in using my Google credentials?

NeetoForm only has access to the basic profile information associated with your Google account, such as your name and email address.

Can I still use Google sign in if my Google account is suspended or disabled?

No, if your Google account is suspended or disabled, you won't be able to sign in to NeetoForm using your Google credentials.

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